our products are a family affair.


As we harvested our honey, I began to experiment with the left over bees wax. I began researching books and blogs and started working with great people in the field. This led to insights involving different, helpful uses for beeswax.. The one that demanded the most attention from friends and family was my lip and hand balm. What started as a more natural alternative to store bought lip balms became an effort to prefect the recipe that kept my family comfortably smiling during the fall and winter months. The children loved the lip balm I made for them, and when I started to share my lip balm creations with friends and family, the orders started to pour in!  I suppose you could call me an accidental entrepreneur. 




For anyone who knows us, it goes without saying that anything we make and sell will be hand crafted, all natural and made with the best ingredients available.

We are our own customers.

For those who we haven't had the pleasure to meet, our philosophy is simple.  We gather, farm or hunt only what we need.  We use only natural, organic, sustainable foods to feed our family and extend the same ethos into the products we make.

We welcome ideas for new products, custom products, or feedback on products you've purchased from us! We look forward to hearing from you!